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First Regiment, North Carolina Troops

Montford S. Stokes. Colonel 1st regiment, left his quiet home at the commencement of hostilities, raised a company of volunteers and tendered it to the Government and was immediately offered the command of a regiment of twelve month volunteers which he declined, and was then appointed Colonel of the 1st Regiment of State Troops to serve during the war. This noble regiment he commanded up to the time he was mortally wounded, June 26, 1862, at Ellyson's Mills, Virginia. Had he lived his military skill and bearing would have raised him to a much higher position in the army. Col. Stokes was a popular commander, had received a military education, and served in the Mexican War as Major of the North Carolina Regiment. While in Mexico he was presented with a magnificent sword by his regiment.

Lawrence Albright, private Co. E, wounded at Sharpsburg, a brave man, killed in battle of Mine Run.

Noah Asby, private Co. H, never absent until severely wounded May 2, 1863. He has acted nobly.

Evan Atkinson, private Co. E, has been with his regiment in every battle and always did his duty.

Geo. W. Bailey, private Co. I, was mortally wounded at Mine Run, Nov. 27, 1863; died next day. A brave boy.

Geo. A. Barr, 2nd Sergeant Co. E, as good a soldier as the Confederacy has produced. Died of disease from exposure while on duty.

James Belvin, private Co. I, killed May 3rd, 1863, at Chancellorsville. Was severely wounded at Ellyson's Mills, June 26, 1862. He fell at Chancellorsville, pierced by many balls, with the flag staff in his hand which he planted on the breastworks of the enemy. Had been promoted to Corporal.

John A. Benbury, Captain Co. A, killed at the battle of Malvern Hill, July 1, 1862. A brave officer whose death was much lamented.

Thos. Brown, private Co K, distinguished himself at Ellyson's Mills, and was wounded at Malvern Hill.

Somerset Bryant, 1st Corporal Co. E, a good man and faithful soldier. Promoted to Sergeant.

Daniel M. Carlton, private Co. B, was severely wounded in the battle at Malvern Hill. Appointed Sergeant, May 1862. Slightly wounded at Chancellorsville; showed great courage at Winchester and Gettysburg; appointed 1st Sergeant, June 10, 1863.

Jas. F. R. Clapp, private Co. H, promoted to Corporal. Wounded at Sharpsburg. A faithful soldier.

Young B. Clifton, private Co. I, fought bravely in several battles, wounded at Malvern Hill. Leg amputated from accidental gunshot at Gettysburg.

Jas. H. Foote, Captain Co. I, commanded in battles around Richmond, Boonsboro, Sharpsburg and Fredericksburg. Resigned Jan. 6, 1863, and was promoted to Assistant Adjutant General of North Carolina.

Rob't. J. Faucett, in many battles. An excellent soldier.

Addison Garner, private Co. E, wounded at Sharpsburg, promoted to Sergeant for gallant conduct, and wounded again at Chancellorsville.

Eli Gurganus, private Co. H, promoted to Corporal. He has acted nobly in every battle in which he has been engaged.

James R. Gurganus, private Co. H, a soldier worthy of great praise. Wounded at Chancellorsville.

Isaac Gutherin, private Co. H, a praiseworthy soldier. Wounded at Chancellorsville, May 2, 1863.

Chas. T. J. Houser, private Co. D, promoted to Sergeant for good conduct in every battle.

Edward D. Johnson, private Co. F, wounded in the battle at Ellyson's Mills, and again at Chancellorsville, having at the latter place, received three wounds before leaving the field.

John King, private Co. K, killed June 27, 1862, in battle of Cold Harbor. A brave and noble boy.

Jno. D. Lack, 2nd Lieutenant Co. D, mortally wounded at the battle of Chancellorsville. He distinguished himself in many hard fought battles, and was brevetted 2nd Lieutenant for gallant conduct at the battle of Sharpsburg.

Kinsey Leving, Samuel E. Thompson and George Whitesall, privates Co. E, in many battles, brave soldiers.

Geo. A. Lumsden, private Co. E, has been in every battle in which his regiment has taken part, is now a Corporal and worthy of all praise as a good soldier.

Isaac N. Martin, private Co. B, killed in battle at Chancellorsville, was appointed Sergeant for gallant conduct. Never missed a battle.

John L. R. Miller, Captain Co. H, killed in battle at Winchester, Ya. Universally admired as a gallant officer.

Isham W. Mitchell, private Co. I, killed June 26, 1862, in battle at Ellyson's Mills. A brave soldier and most excellent young man.

John W. Mitchell, musician, aged 14. A faithful little soldier and good musician.

Oscar L. Mitchell, private Co. I, killed June 26, 1862, at Ellyson's Mills, while bravely charging the enemy.

John L. Mobly, private Co. H, one of the best soldiers in the Confederate army, promoted to Corporal. Wounded at Mine Run.

Wm. F. Modlin, private Co. H, killed May 3, 1863, at Chancellorsville. A brave man. Promoted to Corporal.

John A. Morgan, private Co. A, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant Dec. 26, 1862, for gallant and meritorious conduct in the battle of Malvern Hill.

Wm. E. Newlin, private Co. B, was killed in battle at Sharpsburg. He acted gallantly in that hard fought battle.

Wm. W. Peacock, private Co. E, has acted with distinguished courage in every battle, now a Sergeant.

Henry Robinson and Henry Ramsey, privates Co. E, are faithful soldiers.

H. L. Roebuck, killed at Chancellorsville. Worthy of all praise as a good soldier.

Tristram L. Skinner, 2nd Major, was killed in battle, June 26, 1862. He fell while bravely charging the enemy, he was an officer capable of filling the highest position. His death was greatly lamented.

Wm. D. Scarborough, 1st Lieutenant Co. I, died of disease while on march, at Frederick City, Md. He was a good officer and gallant man.

John L. Smith, private Co. I, killed June 26, 1863, at Ellyson's Mills. A brave youth.

Thos. Strickland, private Co. K, wounded at _____. The best soldier in the company.

Henry D. Taylor, private Co. H, died at Richmond. He fought bravely around Richmond.

John Taylor, 4th Sergeant Co. H, killed at Chancellorsville. He acted nobly in every battle in which he was engaged.

Joseph Taylor, 3rd Sergeant Co. II, wounded severely in hip in battle at Petersburg. Acted well in many battles. Wounded also at Gaines Mills.

McGilvry Taylor, private Co. H, killed at Chancellorsville. A brave man.

Jas. J. Terrell, 2nd Lieutenant Co. I, resigned Jan. 31, 1863. Leg amputated from wounds received in the battle of Malvern Hill, July 1, 1802. He was in all the battles around Richmond and behaved well in time of danger.

Henry H. Tweedy, private Co. H, wounded at Malvern Hill and killed at Sharpsburg. A brave soldier.

Samuel Vanhorn, private Co. H, died March 5, 1863. He fought bravely through several battles, in three of which he was wounded.

Seth Waltham, private Co. E, a good soldier, worthy of all praise.

David R. Whitsell, private Co. E, a lad of great promise, fights like a brave man.

Alfred W. Wilbor, private Co. B, was promoted to Ordnance Sergeant for gallant conduct in battle of Sharpsburg, Md.

Henry G. Williams, private Co. E, a brave soldier. Killed at Sharpsburg.

John Williams, private Co. D, promoted to Corporal for good conduct in every battle.

Source: The Living and Dead, Volume IV, Number 1, March 1876.

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